How do we, as web designers and developers, see ourselves?

Spend some time looking through our Twitter bios. Look at self-promoting, creative-professional websites (i.e agencies, freelancers, portfolios, etc). You can’t swing a dead pixel without hitting some giant header with an introduction that sounds nothing like web development or design.

  • Hi I’m Garth and I’m a Storyteller
  • Hello, we are Fake Agency and we make digital experiences
  • Hola, I handcraft beautiful websites
  • I like making great ideas happen
  • We grow brands
  • I’m a problem solver

These fall into two categories: too obvious and overreaching.

We’re all problem solvers and we make great ideas happen, and I wouldn’t say we have the monopoly on these traits.

Storyteller? Handcraft? Let’s leave those words to artists without ctrl+z. Besides, being a web developer and designer is the best. We don’t need to borrow other industries’ titles; we are awesome already.

I understand

I really do; we do it to market, to set ourselves apart, or to be memorable. That makes sense, but great work speaks louder than any tag line. So if you feel the need to put some vague or over the top introduction on your site, that’s cool, but don’t delude yourself; you make websites for money, and that makes you awesome.

Oh and you grow brands?

Just stop. That doesn’t mean anything.